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There are a wide range of competencies when it comes to installed backup generators. Many contractors are not officially factory trained, do not pull electrical permits, do not pull gas permits, and do not follow manufacturers installation guidelines.

Washington Electric is proud to offer generator installation and sales done the right way. We specialize in Automatic Standby Generators.

Generac/Guardian generators are the #1 selling standby generator in today’s market by sales volume. Washington Electric is able to provide a complete package for our customers: Local sales, installation, repairs, in addition to warranty services. We sell, install, and repair Generac and Guardian generators.

Washington Electric includes it all in our prices for a residential installation.

We include the following in our installation price consideration:

  • A free in-home site assessment and evaluation
  • A layout of standby generator and design by trained Generac personnel
  • We review our detailed assessment with you, the homeowner
  • We obtain the mechanical permits as required by law
  • We obtain the electrical inspection by approved government agency
  • We coordinate with your local gas utility company to upgrade your gas meter if your home uses more than 350k btu’s (with diversity) click here
  • Generator delivery directly to your home with included delivery charges
  • We size the gas piping to the generator based on the generator specifications
  • We perform mechanical gas piping to ensure quality
  • Washington Electric only uses properly sized black iron pipe (up to 10′)
  • Gas piping is painted for corossion
  • We install the Generator Transfer Switch according to manufacturers specifications
  • All sensative electrical components are installed correctly
  • We install the generator based on manufacturer specifications
    – we do not believe in shortcuts
  • click here to see a recent shortcut install

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Washington Electric offers the following for our generator customers with Standby Generac Guardian home generators as well as Generac/Guardian portable generators

  • Complete and professional service
    • Sales and installation
    • Repairs (Standby generators)
    • Warranty Service (Standby generators)
  • Reliable
    • We sell more generators in a month than most dealers sell in a single year
    • We know Generac and Guardian generators inside and out
    • Please see our satisfied customers’ experiences on Angie’s list, Google, Yelp, and Local Loop
  • Expertise
    • Washington Electric is an authorized Generac Dealer
    • We are experts in Home standby Generators
    • We offer Generac products as we feel they are the market leader
  • Contact Us
    • Text us at 253-561-5828 or please contact us by phone or email
    • We can come to your location (if in our service area)
    • We will not over promise delivery dates
  • Attention to every detail throughout the entire process
    • We take care of the electrical system needs
    • Gas piping (or arrangements for propane connections) click here for recent 20kw propane fed installation
    • Obtaining correct permits from correct government agencies
    • Securing electrical inspection
  • On-going customer support
    • We provide services to maintain your generator in our service area
    • Keep your investment protected by making sure it stays maintained
    • If issues arise, we are a phone call away

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New generator maintence reminder:

  • Oil change is recommended at 1 year after break in with factory oil, and valves should be adjusted at this time.  Washington Electric will provide and optional maintenance agreement for this service
  • Oil change is required after 200 hours of use

At the completion of your Generator installation:

  • When completing a project we work with inspectors and the homeonwer to verify that the work was satisfactorily completed
  • We provide the documentation that comes with the generator during or at completion of the job.
    • Operating manual (shipped with generator)
    • Maintenance manual (Shipped with generator)
    • Copy of electrical inspection (posted at electrical panel)
    • Tracking for oil changes (Documented with special label affixed by Washington Electric)
  • Full two year warranty on the electrical and gas installations
  • Our company guarantee that your generator has been completely installed by an authorized Generac Dealer

For more information about having a generator installed in your home, please contact us today at Washington Electric (425) 332-5855.