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Welcome to Washington Electric, your go-to electrical contractor for all your electrical panel and main service panel upgrade needs. We also specialize in replacing old and dangerous panels such as Federal Pacific or Zinsco, as well as any electrical panel that is split bus and doesn’t have a main service breaker.

Why Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

As a homeowner, you might not think about your electrical panel often, but it’s an essential component of your electrical system. The panel distributes electricity throughout your home and keeps your family and property safe. However, older panels may be outdated, unsafe, and unable to keep up with the increased power demands of modern homes.

Split Bus Panels

One type of outdated panel that we often encounter is a split bus panel. A split bus panel is a type of panel that doesn’t have a main service breaker. Instead, it has several smaller breakers that power different areas of your home. These types of panels were common in older homes built before the 1970s. However, they are no longer used in new construction because they are considered a safety hazard.

Split bus panels are outdated because they don’t offer the same level of protection as a main service panel. In a split bus panel, the smaller breakers are not protected by the larger, main breaker. This means that if a smaller breaker trips, it can cause the entire panel to shut down, leaving you without power. Additionally, if there is a fault in the panel, it can create a dangerous situation that could result in electrical shock or even a fire.

Main Service Panel Upgrades

At Washington Electric, we recommend upgrading your electrical panel to a main service panel if you have a split bus panel or an older panel that doesn’t meet your power needs. A main service panel has a large, main service breaker that protects all the smaller breakers. This means that if a smaller breaker trips, it won’t cause the entire panel to shut down.

We can upgrade your panel to accommodate increased power demands, such as from adding new appliances or a home addition. Common upgrades include increasing your panel’s amperage from 125 amps to 200 amps or more, depending on your home’s needs.

Why Choose Washington Electric?

When it comes to electrical panel upgrades, you want to choose a contractor that you can trust. At Washington Electric, we have years of experience working with homeowners in the Puget Sounds area. Our team of licensed and insured electricians is dedicated to providing quality workmanship and excellent customer service. We use only the highest quality materials and equipment to ensure that your panel upgrade is safe and reliable.

Contact us today to schedule your electrical panel upgrade consultation. We’ll assess your current panel and make recommendations for upgrading to a safe and reliable main service panel. With Washington Electric, you can rest assured that your home’s electrical system is in good hands.


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