Don't let your contractor skip steps…….often the gas meter needs a modest upgrade for your auto generator to function properly.


Above is a 425 meter.  A standard meter is the much smaller AC-250.

The capacity of the smaller meter is 350k BTUs. We find that many larger homes running mostly gas appliances draw from 125k BTUs to 195k BTUs. By the time 195k btu’s are added for the generator a larger gas meter is needed to keep the proper gas supply to the home. Contractors that neglect to tell the homeowner this info and improperly install a generator put their customers at risk for problems.

Here is a quick calculation for what an average house might draw. This assumes a standard AC-250 meter with a flow capacity of 350 btu’s per hour.
-furnace 80 btu/hr
-hot water tank 40 btu/hr
-gas fireplace 35 btu/hr
_gas dryer 22 btu/hr
-gas cooktop (see nameplate)

The total in this example would be 177 btu/hr…….well below a normal meters capacity.

Add the 156k btu/hr for a 10kw generator for a grand total of 433 btu/hr. Even though this it’s over the standard meters follow rate it still might work.

Keep in mind that the gas company will use a diversity factor in their final calculation.