Electrical Services

Our Standard Services

Circuit Breaker Installation – If your circuit breaker keeps tripping and disrupting your home activities, Washington Electric can assess your wiring setup. Our team of electricians, specialized in General Home Circuitry, will troubleshoot the problem and take care of any necessary repairs and rewiring.

Whole Home Electrical Evaluation – Older homes or those purchased “as is” may reveal questionable wiring when homeowners decide to remodel or take on new projects. Rewiring requires an expert, and Washington Electric can make the process as safe and efficient as possible. Our experienced electricians will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your home’s electrical system, ensuring that it meets current standards and providing peace of mind.

Electrical Repair and Maintenance – Keep your home investment sound by hiring Washington Electric’s professional electricians. We offer a wide range of services for your home’s electrical repair and maintenance needs. Count on us for outlets, plugs, surge protection, and safety devices to ensure your electrical system operates flawlessly. Washington Electric is your qualified resource for maintaining the proper flow of electricity throughout your home.

New Circuits – Whether you need to power outbuildings, sheds, hot tubs, or install air conditioning and heat pump systems, Washington Electric is the trusted choice for safely and efficiently installing new circuits that adhere to code compliance. Our electricians are skilled in designing and implementing new circuits to meet your specific requirements.

Electrical Panel Upgrades – Avoid electrical issues that may arise from putting modern appliances in an older home. Washington Electric understands the importance of safety and reliability. We can assess your electrical panel upgrade needs and install advanced panels that offer enhanced safety and performance. Trust us to upgrade your electrical panel safely and efficiently, providing you with peace of mind.

At Washington Electric we are committed to delivering exceptional electrical services for your home. Contact us today for all your electrical needs.

The Advanced Services - Our specialty:

Home Charger Installation (Electric Vehicles) – As the popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles continues to grow, having a reliable and efficient charging solution at home is essential. Washington Electric specializes in EV charger service and installation, ensuring that you have a professionally installed charging station that offers both safety and convenience for your vehicle. With a home-based EV charger, you can make your home future-forward and eliminate the reliance on offsite charging stations, providing you with peace of mind and uninterrupted charging capabilities for your electric or hybrid vehicle.

Generator Installation – Power outages caused by extreme weather events can last for days, leading to significant losses for homeowners, such as spoiled food and flooded basements. A generator serves as the first line of defense to keep your home’s electricity flowing during such situations. At Washington Electric, our electrical contractors are experienced in generator installation and can help you determine the ideal generator for your home’s specific needs. We ensure that your generator is properly installed, providing you with a reliable backup power source that safeguards your home and keeps essential systems running smoothly during power outages.

Washington Electric offers advanced home solutions to meet the evolving needs of homeowners. Whether you require a home-based EV charger or a generator installation, our team is ready to provide professional service and expertise to enhance your home’s functionality and preparedness.

Contact us today to discuss your home charger or generator installation needs and take a proactive step towards a more efficient and secure home environment.

The Nuanced Services

Lighting: Outside and In-Home – When it comes to outdoor ambient, pathway, or security lighting, Washington Electric is here to help. Our team of electricians specializes in providing reliable lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor spaces. We can thread new wiring outside and ensure it is properly grounded for outdoor use. Our electricians can also assist you in selecting properly rated outdoor lighting fixtures designed to withstand the elements. For in-home lighting needs, we have you covered as well.

Exhaust Fans – Installing exhaust fans in your home can bring numerous benefits. Not only do they eliminate unpleasant odors in areas like kitchens and bathrooms, but they also help control moisture and temperature, reducing the risk of damaging mold and mildew. Our electrical experts can guide you in choosing the right exhaust fan for your space and efficiently install it to ensure optimal performance.

Ceiling Fans – Ceiling fans are excellent alternatives to running air conditioning, providing subtle ventilation in kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms. However, installing ceiling fans can be complex and time-consuming. Trust our experienced electricians to handle the installation process seamlessly. We understand the intricacies involved in installing these heavy fixtures and will ensure a job well done.

Doorbells – If your home was never hard-wired for a doorbell, installing one can be a labor-intensive task that requires fishing new wires through the walls. At Washington Electric, we can walk you through the doorbell options available, including traditional and “smart” solutions, and make the installation hassle-free. Additionally, we offer repair and maintenance services for existing doorbell wiring.

Chandeliers – Chandeliers add an elegant touch to any space, but their installation can be challenging. Regular chandeliers often exceed the weight capacity of standard lighting boxes and may require additional support. Our electricians have the expertise to properly assess your chandelier installation needs and ensure a secure and flawless installation. Trust us to handle the complexity of installing these intricate lighting fixtures.

At Washington Electric, we provide comprehensive lighting solutions for your home, both indoors and outdoors. Contact us today for all your lighting and electrical needs.


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