Washington Electric, Heating & Air: Over 10 Years of Experience Keeping You Comfortable

At Washington Electric, Heating & Air, we’ve been dedicated to your home comfort for over a decade. Now, we’re proud to announce the expansion of our services to include heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) installations and maintenance! This exciting addition allows us to be your one-stop shop for all…

Importance of Regular Electrical Inspections: Protecting Your Family

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of regular electrical inspections and maintenance, and provide tips on how to keep your electrical system in top condition.   Your electrical system is an essential part of your home, providing power for lighting, appliances, and electronics. While you may take your…

How to Choose the Right Electrical Contractor for Your Home: Why Washington Electric is the Best Choice

When it comes to electrical work, safety and quality should be your top priorities. Choosing the right electrical contractor can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have any prior experience with electrical work. Here are some tips on how to choose the right electrical contractor for your home:…

The Most Common Electrical Problems in Homes and How to Fix Them

Electrical Surges Electrical surges are sudden and brief spikes in electrical voltage. They can cause damage to appliances and electronics in your home. Common causes of electrical surges include lightning strikes, power outages, and faulty wiring. To fix this problem, you can install surge protectors or contact a licensed electrician…

Can I be reimbursed for spoiled food during a power outage?

Extended outages mean no air conditioning, limited internet service, and hundreds of dollars worth of spoiled food in refrigerators and freezers. It’s a huge inconvenience and a financial burden, especially for the nearly 790,000 Washingtonians who have filed for unemployment benefits since the coronavirus pandemic began. Will my power company pay for lost food?…

Purple Heart Day

PURPLE HEART DAY Purple Heart Day, on August 7th, commemorates the creation of the oldest American military decoration for military merit. The Purple Heart honors the men and women who are of the Military Order of the Purple Heart. During the American Revolutionary War, the Badge for Military Merit decorated…

Happy Summer!

Happy Summer! The sun is shining and the mountains are calling! How about a hike?!?!   https://thewholeu.uw.edu/2017/07/12/top-10-hikes-in-washington/?fbclid=IwAR0IVhRxlSvYThxdXLuTXCFoP6jluWoNYJkb_E-uLxlIzKVhHQfgqI-G3C4

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! Please be aware that we will be closed Friday, July 3rd – Monday, July 6th. We will be back in the office on Tuesday, July 7th. We hope everyone has a safe and fun filled holiday!

The time for an automatic standby generator is NOW!

Ask us about 24 month, no-interest financing, and a free extended warranty! (253) 777-1749

There’s a one-in-three chance of a ‘massive’ disaster that could be worse than COVID-19, says Deutsche Bank


Prepare for you next outage with Generac's sizing calculator!

This quick and easy Home Standby Sizing Calculator will provide you with 3 possible generators to fit your needs, along with estimated installation costs, and financing options. Just provide your zip code and how much of your home you want to back up (all of it or just selected appliances)…

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Looking for a "smarter" solar solution for your home?

Rooftop solar WITH a battery backup is the solution for you. It is critical that you have a plan in place for an extended power outage, possibly lasting several days. Rooftop solar by itself isn’t a reliable backup power solution. Without a battery backup system for your rooftop solar installation,…

Choosing the right generator to suit your needs is an important decision and the best a homeowner can make. Generators are low maintenance and kick on automatically when the power is lost. With larger sizes, they can do more than just keep the lights on. Whether you need a home…

The only thing worse than being quarantined in your home is being quarantined in your home with NO POWER!

On May 1st, President Trump signed Executive Order #13920 regarding our bulk-power systems which provides the electricity that supports our national defense, vital emergency services, and critical infrastructure.   Every modern home is wired and connected to the grid. If the grid is disrupted or attacked, we go dark –…

How do you know your gas system is safe?

If your automatic standby generator is fueled by natural gas, be assured safety is PSE’s top priority. PSE frequently patrols and inspects every foot of their gas services, all the way up to your gas meter! Neighborhood gas system inspections are conducted by both PSE employees and Hydromax USA.

Feeling stuck financially?

In times like these, we recognize that helping each other means taking care of each other. With everything going on, it can be difficult to maintain a positive mindset, especially for the future. That’s why we’re working closely with Greensky’s limited time offer of 24 months no interest financing to…

Should you choose a portable generator?

  Home standby generator systems and portable generators are the two most common types of backup power solutions homeowners choose. Both keep power flowing to a home during a power outage, but in differing ways. A portable generator is an immediate but temporary solution powered by gasoline, while a home…

Generator Stimulus Package

  Free 10-year warranty + Generac $250-$500 stimulus discount + 24 months no interest financing!!!

Generac Stimulus Package!!!

  10 Year Warranty FREE + Generac $250-$500 Discount + 24 Months No Interest Financing !

How large of a generator should you have?

The majority of modern life is dependent on electricity, so it’s nice to have an automatic standby generator available to provide steady, reliable power when you need it. Whether you want your whole home powered in an outage or just bare essentials, generator sizing is crucial. Too big, and you’ll…

Washington Generators - Holiday Closure

“Here comes stormy weather, here comes stormy weather, right down the Pacific Northwest!” Washington Generators will be closed from Monday, December 24th, until Wednesday, January 2nd in recognition of Christmas. Happy holidays!

Puget Sound Energy has sent a wind advisory! - December 19th, 2018

Puget Sound Energy has just sent a high wind warning starting tonight, December 19th, through Thursday evening. Keep a close eye on upcoming forecasts and prepare for any potential outages. Keep in mind strong winds could knock down tree limbs, cause power outages, and expose power line wires. Never go…

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Thank you Don, for taking the time to write such a thoughtful review! We are so pleased to hear you were satisfied with your service!   Writing a review will help us improve our customer satisfaction. All reviews matter to us and we are grateful for every one! Remember, leaving…

Christmas is just around the corner!

Make sure your generator is Winter ready by scheduling your annual maintenance today! Ask about our maintenance plans and receive a discount up to 15% off! (253) 777-1749

The holidays are here!

Now that your house is protected against power outages, make sure your friends and neighbors are protected too. For each friend and neighbor that purchases a Generac system, you will each receive a check for $50! Generators provide comfort, security, and convenience. With power being delivered directly to a home’s…

"Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough."

Now that the days are colder and the nights are longer, the snow and outages are headed our way – and quickly. Our customers are calling in and letting us know they are thankful for the peace of mind our generators bring.   Washington Generators will be closed Thursday, November…

Is your generator ready to protect you from this upcoming Winter?

A phenomenon known as a pineapple connection may target the Northwest within days, drawing a deep flow of moisture into the western U.S.   “Places on the West Coast could get hammered,” Pastelok from Accuweather said.   Central and Northern California to Oregon are likely to experience the heaviest precipitation,…

Take a look at these safety tips from PSE!

These links will help keep you and your family safe in the event of an outage. This information includes reducing risk of fire, preventing carbon monoxide exposure, and creating a disaster plan https://bit.ly/2Dw7xTo https://bit.ly/2OyGOXn https://bit.ly/2Dat4Qu