Maple Valley Generators

Generac Generator Service for the Maple Valley Community

Are you currently a Maple Valley resident who’s tired of power outages in your area? Now is the time to consider home generators to keep you up and running when your electricity is out.

Washington Electric is an authorized dealer of one of the top brands of home generators – a Generac generator.

Our Generac generator services include sales, installation and repair for all of Maple Valley and surrounding communities.

We are a family-owned and managed company which was established in 2010. In a brief period, we’ve built up an outstanding reputation in the Generac generator service industry. The credit for this would be our commitment to outstanding customer service and a dedication to bringing our Maple Valley customers great products, efficient services and affordable competitive pricing.

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Home Generators for Maple Valley Emergency Power

Electricity is not only critical but often taken for granted in our everyday life. Consequently, power failures bring a multitude of problems for the Maple Valley homeowner. A home generator may be the easy solution for areas that are prone to power outages.

Home generators will provide you with the power necessary to maintain your home while you wait out the storm. We provide electric generator sales, maintenance service and repairs for home generators in Maple Valley so you can keep the lights on when you need them the most!

For a Generac generator or other home generators, you can depend on complete and thorough installations by Washington Electric, including:

  • Free evaluation and assessment in your Maple Valley home
  • We obtain any necessary permits as required by state and local laws
  • We arrange for required electrical inspections
  • Coordination with local utility company regarding your gas meter
  • Mechanical gas piping installation according to specs
  • Detailed workmanship on electrical components

We have the training, knowledge and skill to do the job right and all power generator installations are done according to manufacturer specifications.

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Power Generator and Electric Generator Sales and Repair for Maple Valley

A power generator or electric generator is the perfect solution for electrical outages in the Maple Valley area. Home generators can be installed to provide you with dependable, economical and lasting power when the street lights go out!

Some of our special features for our Maple Valley customers include:

  • Generac generator authorized dealer
  • Professional and highly-competent technicians
  • Strict compliance with state and local laws and codes
  • Dedicated to customer satisfaction
  • Excellent warranties on home generators

Don’t wait until the next time you have to fumble around in the dark! Maple Valley residents can give us a call and see if a power generator is the right fit for you. (425) 341-4211.