Mercer Island Fire Alarms

Carbon Monoxide Detector Installations for Mercer Island Homes

Low-cost Mercer Island fire alarms in WA near 98040

Carbon monoxide (CO) presents one of the biggest dangers for the homeowners of Mercer Island, WA. Leakage of this invisible, odorless gas is almost impossible to perceive without a carbon monoxide detector. That is why it is dubbed ‘the silent killer’.

There are several sources of CO in any home, such as:

  • Oil and gas furnaces
  • Gas ovens and ranges
  • Wood fireplaces
  • Clogged flues and chimneys
  • Gas furnaces, water heaters & dryers
  • Exhaust from vehicles

Get a carbon monoxide detector installed in your Mercer Island home if you do not want your loved ones to inhale the deadly gas without even realizing it. Washington Electric can help. An electrical company founded in 2010, we help people stay safe by installing smoke detectors, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in their Mercer Island homes.

Make sure your family is alerted in time to high levels of CO around them- call us to install a carbon monoxide detector in your Mercer Island home today!

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Smoke Detectors in Mercer Island Homes Can Save Your Life

Premium Mercer Island smoke detectors in WA near 98040

Modern building codes require smoke detectors be installed throughout all Mercer Island homes, on each floor, in all bedrooms, hallways and the basement. It is estimated that about 64% of household fire victims are asleep when fire breaks out. So, smoke detectors are essential safety appliances that:

  • Go off when there is fire in the home
  • Alert the inhabitants so that they can evacuate the place
  • Help in the timely start of fire fighting efforts
  • Save lives and property

We are happy to strengthen home security and help homeowners have peace of mind while they go about their daily lives by installing smoke detectors for them in Mercer Island.

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Smoke Alarms Bring Added Protection to the Mercer Island Family

Best Mercer Island smoke alarms in WA near 98040

The added protection that smoke alarms bring to any Mercer Island family is possible only when the devices are properly installed and in good working condition. You can rest assured on these counts when you call us to install your smoke detectors and alarms.

Our family owned and operated company gives top priority to customer safety. We ensure that you get optimal protection from the smoke alarms in your Mercer Island home by:

  • Installing high grade products
  • Completing the work as per the latest local codes
  • Giving you valuable tips for smoke alarm maintenance

Keep your family and Mercer Island home safe. Contact Washington Electric for installation of smoke alarms, smoke detectors and a carbon monoxide detector. Dial (425) 341-4211.