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Kohler 0% financing available click here Kohler generators have been consistently rated “best in class” generators. While other Generator manufacturers go for volume sales Kohler’s approach is deliver quality and reliability for the long term. Our Kohler generator installations include electrical permits, gas permits and following manufacturers recommended installation methods. When quality of both the Electrical Contractor and generator count a Kohler Generator installed by Washington Electric is a great option. We are a factory trained contractor that can perform the installation of your automatic Kohler Generator. Stronger Power your heat, air conditioning and large appliances like your refrigerator, oven and dryer. Our 20 kW generator boasts more starting power than other 20 kW units. So your power-hungry appliances will stay on when the air conditioning kicks in.* Faster Get up and running in as little as 10 seconds. That’s 2-3X faster than competitive units. Cleaner Protect your electronics from the damaging effects of poor power quality. Our 20 kW unit produces 121% less voltage variation, 68% less harmonic distortion and 34% better frequency regulation than the closest competitor.* Advanced Design Kohler offers the industry’s first 100% corrosion-proof enclosure. Come what may – subzero temperatures, salt air, whatever – it’s built to take a beating and protect your generator for years to come. Easy Installation and Service We made installation easy to save you time and money. And if you ever need service, you’re in good hands. KOHLER dealers are hand-selected and trained to ensure your complete satisfaction. Best Warranty Unrivaled 5-year/2,000-hour protection. We build our generators for the long haul and back them up with the industry’s best warranty. Awards and Honors
  • Rated the highest-quality brand of stationary generators in Builder magazine’s 2009 and 2010 Brand Use Study
  • One of Green Builder magazine’s Hot 50 Products of 2010
  • 2010 Most Valuable Product Award by Building Products magazine
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Residential Generator and ATS Brand Value Comparison

Kohler Cummins Onan Briggs and Stratton Generac
Local Support
Local Distribution Yes Yes No Yes
Local Parts Yes Yes No Yes
Local Service Yes Yes No Yes
24/7 Service and Support Yes Yes No Yes
Dealer Network Yes(Moderate) No Yes(Very Small) Yes(Largest)
Standby Warranty 5 Year Limited (8.5‐125kW) No Optional bumper to bumper 5 year coverage available 5 Yr (13 & 20kW) and 2 Yr (30 ‐ 100kW) 2 Yr (7kW), 3 Yr (10kW), 4 Yr (12‐45kW) 5 Year Limited (7kw-22kw Guardian) Optional Bumper to bumper coverage 5 years.
Residential Off‐Grid kW Range 8.5 & 14kW No No 6kW & 15KW
Off‐Grid Warranty 18 Month/1000 Hr. No No 3 year/2000 Hr.
LP/NG Generators
Residential air cooled size options 8kw, 10kw,12kw, 14kw, 20kw 13‐100kW 7‐45kW 7kw, 8kw, 11kw, 16kw, 20kw(standard),20kw (synergy), 22kw
Sound‐attenuated Enclosures Yes Yes Yes Yes (20kw Synergy quietest on market for KW rating)
100% Corrosive Free Enclosure Yes (14/20RES) Not Yes No No Yes (22kw is Aluminum),  But 11kw to 20kw is also optional
2‐Wire Start Yes Yes Yes Yes, if needed, Off‐Grid ‐ Yes
Tested by 3rd party to be installed 18″ from home No (has not been certified as of 3/16/15) No No Yes
Generator Monitoring Yes, Cost was $19.95 month, but has reverted to free as of 3/14/15 Yes No Yes, Free with local remote #6664. Cost $99 year with Mobile Link.
Made in USA Yes No No Yes
Transfer Switches
Transfer Switches 100 ‐ 400 Amp 100‐400 Amp 100‐200 Amp 100‐200 Amp 100‐400 Amp
Transfer Switches Nema 1 & Nema 3R Yes Yes Yes Yes
Transfer Switches SE Rated Yes Yes Yes Yes
Transfer Switches with Load Centers Yes No Yes Yes
Independent cost saving load shedding No No No Yes
Transfer switches Cost saving multi-breaker rated No No No Yes
Top Kohler Features
Made in USA Kohler Generators are all built in Kohler Wisconsin, and the Air Cooled Line uses Kohler Engines and Kohler Generator ends. (Cummins uses Briggs & Stratton and Robin Subaru, Generac uses a Generac engine)
Quality, Performance & Reliability Where quality, performance and reliability really counts, you will typically find only (4) Brands of Generators in Hospitals, Telecommunications sites, Pump Stations & Military (Kohler, Cummins, Cat & Generac). In the Resi Line, there are only (2) Kohler and Generac. The Kohler Residential Line Costs moderately more than Generac.
Boost Alternator Kohler Generators have a patented designed alternator with a separate winding specifically used for peak motor starting kVA which is useful for powering AC units.
Valves Kohler Residential NG/LP Generators have Hydraulic Lifters
Governor Type Kohler Residential NG/LP Generators have Electronic Governors common to most Home standby generators.
14/20kW Kohler 14/20kW Generators have a low RPM, quiet exercise feature, and have the option for Dealers to program the controller for a fuel saving mode (Bi‐monthly and as low as a 5 minute exercise). Also a feature available For Generac Guardian series.
Transfer Switches Kohler offers one of the largest lines of ATS’ in the industry, including the Intelligent RSB ATS with Load Shed capability.
Time Delays All Kohler Transfer Switches have a 3 second engine start
Undervoltage Drop out Kohler has an undervoltage drop out at 80%, 192 Volts @ 240 Volt or 102 Volts @ 120 Volt
Undervoltage Pickup Kohler has an undervoltage pickup at 85%, 204 Volts @ 240 Volt or 102 Volts @ 120 Volt
Best Buy Kohler was rated America’s best buy of 2010.
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