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Every day, Washington Electric witnesses a growing number of homeowners opting for home backup generators as a solution to cope with increasingly severe and unpredictable weather conditions.

At Washington Electric, we are dedicated to assisting our customers throughout the entire process of purchasing a home backup generator. We begin by providing personalized in-home consultations and continue our support through installation and permitting.

It is important to note that the installation of an automatic standby generator should not be attempted as a DIY project. The complexity of ensuring a safe, reliable, and steady power supply for your home necessitates the expertise of a qualified electrician. Generator installation entails more intricate steps and extends beyond the simple plug-and-play experience associated with household appliances. The installation process typically encompasses the following:

  • Generator selection
  • Obtaining local permits
  • Preparing the site
  • Coordinating with utility providers
  • Activating the warranty
  • Maintenance and service provisions

At Washington Electric, we prioritize the seamless installation and operation of your home backup generator, ensuring that your power needs are met effectively and efficiently.

In-Home Consultation

At Washington Electric, we understand that each home has unique electrical requirements. Our goal is to ensure that all the essential appliances and systems you rely on during a power outage remain operational when you need them the most. Often, people underestimate the frequency with which they use certain items until they no longer have access to them. Residential standby generators offer homeowners a permanent and seamless power solution, safeguarding them against electrical disruptions.

With our team of highly trained estimators, we prioritize understanding your specific needs and your home’s characteristics. This allows us to provide tailored recommendations that align with various factors, including:

  • Budget: We consider your budgetary constraints to present you with cost-effective options that meet your power needs.
  • Age of home: The age of your home can influence the electrical infrastructure and its compatibility with a standby generator. We assess this aspect to ensure a seamless integration.
  • Power capacity: Understanding the power requirements of your home is crucial in selecting the right generator. We evaluate your power capacity needs to recommend suitable options.
  • Outdated electrical panels: If your home has outdated electrical panels, they may need to be upgraded or replaced to accommodate a standby generator effectively. We take this into account when providing recommendations and ensuring the overall safety and reliability of your electrical system.

By conducting a comprehensive in-home consultation, Washington Electric aims to deliver personalized solutions that address your unique circumstances. We believe in empowering homeowners with the knowledge and expertise required to make informed decisions about their backup power needs.


Consulting with a Generator Installation Specialist is crucial in determining the appropriately sized generator for your power requirements. By discussing your budget, our estimators can guide you in making the optimal decision for your home.

Our estimates encompass all aspects of the installation process, including labor, gas piping installation, electrical work, gas and electrical permitting.. The price of a residential standby generator varies depending on its size. Some families prioritize powering specific areas of their homes during outages. In such cases, a partial home standby generator, capable of energizing 16 circuits of your choice, may be sufficient.

Other families may prefer to have their entire home powered during an outage. The size of your home will influence the generator’s size that best suits your needs. Our generator installation specialists are available to assist you in making the right selection.

Age of Home

The age of your home significantly impacts the considerations for a home standby generator. If your home was constructed before 2010, it is likely equipped with an undersized gas meter, gas line, or both. Installing a generator on a smaller meter or gas line may result in insufficient power supply for your desired appliances and potentially cause damage to the generator or create power surges that could harm your home electronics.

These upgrades, including the resizing of gas meters and gas lines, are typically handled by your local utility company, such as Puget Sound Energy. However, they entail additional costs and time for your standby generator project. If you wish to discuss upgrading your Gas Meter or Gas Line, we recommend contacting a home consultant at PSE by calling 1-888-321-7779 and selecting option 4 to reach the Construction Division.


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