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Lacey Surge Protector

Installation of a whole house surge protector could be your wisest home improvement and money saving decision. A power surge, which is a sudden substantial increase in voltage, has the potential to cause much damage to electrical fittings, electrical appliances, and electronic devices. It can even result in breakout of an electrical fire.

A power surge can cause a number of different problems on your property. It can prove to be quite risky for the people living in the building. Therefore, getting a whole house surge protector for your Lacey, WA home is highly recommended. Get in touch with us at Washington Electric and we will supply you with the best surge protector possible.

A home surge protector can keep you protected from electrical shocks and reduce the level of static interferences in your Lacey home. Give us a call today in Lacey to get a ground-fault and arc surge protector installed. Here is a list of things that can cause a power surge and can be avoided by using a surge protector in your Lacey home:

  • Lightning strike
  • Faulty wires
  • A downed power cable
  • Cycling of power

If you want to know what other things you need a surge protector for in Lacey, then call Washington Electric at (425) 332-5855.

Lacey Whole House Surge Protector


A whole house surge protector can also be very useful when it comes to protecting your valuables in the Lacey region. This can include everything from appliances, computers, to home entertainment systems. Therefore, getting a home surge protector installed in your critical circuits is the right way to go.

Electrical spikes can also damage the wiring of your home in Lacey. This makes it all the more necessary to get a whole house surge protector installed by our professional contractors near you. Here are more reasons you may need a whole house surge protector for your Lacey property:

  • It protects you from electrical shocks
  • Lowers the risk of short circuit fires
  • Reduces static interferences
  • Protects computers & entertainment systems

You can get a free service estimate for your whole house surge protector needs in Lacey by calling Washington Electric at (425) 332-5855.

Lacey Home Surge Protector


Even if you have small power strips to protect your valuables in Lacey, one must know that they offer little to no protection during a large power surge. This makes getting a home surge protector an ideal choice. If there are power spikes due to utility company equipment, your surge protector will be able to save you from any damage.

Our company will also make sure that your home surge protector safeguards you against damage caused by the on and off power cycle of large appliances. If you want a whole house surge protector, contact us today. Why is our company the best to get a home surge protector installed near Lacey?

  • We offer quality surge protectors
  • Provide affordable rates for surge protector installation
  • Install the surge protector seamlessly
  • Are certified service providers for surge protector installation

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To get a home surge protector installed in Lacey, call Washington Electric at (425) 332-5855.