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Generac Generator Service for the Kenmore Community

Washington Electric is a family owned and operated electrical service contracting company serving Kenmore, WA.From the time we opened our doors in 2010, we have continued to grow and expand our business as a result of our dedication to our valued customers.

As an authorized dealer of the Generac generator brand, we can offer the Kenmore resident home generators that are dependable, economical and long lasting emergency power solutions.

We work hard to build solid relationships with our clients. All our technicians are licensed, skilled, and professionally trained. Our passion to supply you with top-notch Generac generators as well as other home generators is the foundation of our business.

We stand behind all our work, ensuring you of safe, durable and sustaining solution for your power generator and electrical generator requirements. We show the highest level of professionalism to provide our Kenmore customers with home generators that match your budget and specifications.

Home Generators for Kenmore Emergency Power

Are power outages a common occurrence during windstorms in Kenmore, WA? Does everyone in your family sit in darkness for extended hours hoping the power will be back on soon? Have you ever lost an entire freezer full of meat during a power failure? If any of these questions can be answered with a yes, then now is a good time to consider installing a power generator for your Kenmore home.

With a professionally installed Generac generator or other top quality brand of home generators, a power failure does not have to throw your family into darkness.

Washington Electric offers highly sophisticated power generators from the market leading brands, such as a Generac generator. In addition, we manage all of the areas of your home generator requirements from initial site preparation to complying with all local and state laws, regulations and permit requirements.

Power Generator and Electric Generator Sales and Repair for Kenmore

Our power generator installation, repair and services can offer the Kenmore homeowner the electrical backup necessary to weather out the storm.

The services for home generators in Kenmore include:

  • Electric generator assessment and evaluation 
  • Generator sizing and gas piping
  • Maintenance services for all home generators
  • Generac generator online sale
  • Power generator repair & warranty service
  • Manual transfer alternatives

Washington Electric is the company you’ll be able to rely on, if you need high-performing home generators in Kenmore, WA. Our company strengths include:

  • Locally and state licensed, bonded and insured
  • Strict adherence to advanced NEC, state and local electrical codes
  • Apply company wide security policy, zero incident safety record
  • Electric generator from first class brands
  • Timely, reliable and efficient services
  • Affordable and competitive pricing

Don’t be left in the dark again! Call Washington Electric at (425) 341-4211!