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Port Orchard Electrician


If you require an electrician in Port Orchard, WA to deal with issues related to electricity, be it installing, maintenance or repair, get in touch with Washington Electric LLC. Since the year 2010, our electricians in the Port Orchard region have been serving the residents for both small and large scale projects.

Due to the accuracy and focus of our electricians in the Port Orchard area, we are a well reputed business. Using their proficiency and extensive knowledge, our electricians in Port Orchard can take care of any electrical problem to the satisfaction of the many customers.

Our electricians have been trained to deal with every complication in a brisk and efficient method. Being a family owned company with a reputation to uphold in the region, we ensure that our electricians:

  • Have a well-stocked service vehicle
  • Are very skilled
  • Provide you the best electrical products, materials and parts

Port Orchard Electricians


Are you a resident of Port Orchard? Have you been tormented by power outages and electrical issues? Call our electricians and they will take care of all your electrical problems! Service of the highest quality is provided by our electricians in Port Orchard region with a customer satisfaction of 100%.

Each and every requirement can easily be fulfilled by our electricians in the Port Orchard region. Employing our electricians in Port Orchard means having an experience that will leave you highly satisfied.

The electricians working for us are:

  • Insured, bonded and licensed
  • Skillful and competent
  • Genuine, and offer fair prices
  • Comply with all electrical codes
  • Experienced and dependable

Port Orchard Electrical Contractors


The first choice to solve all electrical problems is our electrical contractors in the Port Orchard area. They can easily handle every problem of the residents. You can gauge the ability of our electrical contractors in the Port Orchard region from our wide customer base.

We have become one of the most preferred choices of Port Orchard residents due to the diligence and work ethics of our electrical contractors. The electrical contractors working for us provide service to:

  • Homeowners
  • Businesses
  • Contractors

Our electrical contractors always provide great services. The aim of our electrical contractors is to finish the job in the best possible way.

To get the best electricians call (425) 332-5855 right away! Our electrical contractors in the Port Orchard region are the best in the area.