Tankless Water Heater

Choose A Tankless Water Heater For Your Seattle Home

Reliable Tankless Water Heater in WA near 98115 Homeowners today are always looking for ways to conserve important resources and cut down on expenses – without sacrificing on their living comfort. That is why more and more people are choosing to install a tankless water heater in their Seattle, WA homes. Conventional hot water heaters have heated water stored in a big tank until is needed. A lot of cold water has to be run through the system before hot water starts flowing out of any faucet. Unlike these older systems, the tankless models are on-demand fast water heaters. A tankless water heater saves energy by heating water right when it is needed and sending it straight out of the hot water faucet. It also prevents the waste of cold water. Call Washington Electric if you want to have a tankless water heater in your home. We can:
  • Help you choose the right tankless system for your needs
  • Carry out the tankless install
  • Service and repair the tankless system when/if necessary

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Let Us Handle Your Tankless Install in Seattle

Reliable Tankless Install in Seattle in WA near 98115 It is important to invest in a top-quality tankless water heater offered by a reputable manufacturer. Just as important is that you hire the right people for the tankless install in your Seattle home. Only then can you be sure you will enjoy hassle-free use of the appliance for years to come. Let us take care of your tankless system installation needs. Whether you need a system that can support the shower, your laundry room, and the kitchen and bathroom sinks, we ensure seamless tankless install that will provide hot water to all of your taps. We send over technicians who are:
  • Highly-trained and experienced
  • Equipped with top-of-the-line tools
  • Sincere, diligent and familiar with local codes
You call us for tankless install in new construction, as well as for water heater replacement in Seattle.

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Full Tankless System Services In The Seattle Area

Reliable Full Tankless System Services in WA near 98115 We are the one-stop shop for all your tankless hot water heater needs. Other than tankless install and replacement, we can do preventive maintenance work on your tankless system and also fix any problem that it may develop down the road. We offer you the finest tankless system services available in Seattle. All of our jobs are marked by:
  • Outstanding workmanship
  • Smooth and quick completion
  • Competitive pricing
  • Friendly and helpful customer service
Our technicians are capable of working on both electric and gas tankless water heater systems. Washington Electric is the name to trust for tankless water heater services in Seattle. Call (425) 332-5855 to schedule tankless install, maintenance or repair. Navien NPE A_S brochure FLIP (PDF) >