Thank you for reaching out to our office. We are happy you contacted us! We would love to get you scheduled for generator troubleshooting but need a little more information first.

Generator Reset – Generac Generators

If you have a Generac generator, you may be able to reset your generator and clear the error code. We recommend trying this at least three times prior to calling us and scheduling service.

In an effort to try to get your generator to work and save you money, we would like you to try resetting your generator before scheduling a service call.

Please follow the instructions in these PDF’s.

If you have a Generac, your generator will likely have an Evolution or Nexus controller. Please follow the instructions for your controller. This shows you how to reset your generator. We have also included a helpful video detailing this process. This simple reset may restore your generator to proper operation. If you will notice a green light, your generator will work in an outage.

Video: Generator Controller Reset

If your light is red your generator may not work in an outage. If your light is yellow you are likely due for maintenance which we can schedule.

If resetting your generator did not resolve the issue and you are ready to schedule an appointment, please complete the form below and we will reach out to you to schedule. Thank you!

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Generator Information Prior to Scheduling:
Please follow the instructions to locate your generator serial and model number.
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