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Archive for August 2012

Marijuana grow operation stealing power

The thieving marijuana growers decided that a good way to increase their profits was to get “free” power. They literally cut open the rigid metal conduit riser with the un-metered and un-fused conductors. Very gutsy, with no overcurrent protection device this could have been fatal. It was a very clean cut made by a dremel…

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Kohler remote monitoring available for 14kw and 20kw standby generators

This news is for our existing and future Kohler customers. The OnCue system wasn’t previously available for the 14RES and 20RES gen sets, but now is. OnCue Home Generator Management System Remote Monitoring / OnCue Home Generator Management System Features Allows homeowners to remotely manage generator performance from anywhere in the worldRelays status messages to…

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Top 10 automatic standby generator buying tips

1.   Size it right. There are many online calculators that can help sizing a automatic standby generator.  There are some math and calculations involved in this, and if you are not comfortable you should definitely consult a qualified electrician.  As important as the calculations may be understanding the way the generator will interact with your…

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Generator gas line installation with no leaks!

The first step is to pull a permit through the proper jurisdiction. Before the Generator can be permanently connected the system must be tested for gas leaks. We pressurized the gas line and placed a neumatic meter on our 60 feet of new gas line to see if we had any leaks…success! After a successful…

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Emergency 200amp service panel repair Tacoma

This customer called us with a power outage in their Dash point beach house. Within a few minutes we found a serious problem in their meter base. It needed to be replaced. Pictured above is actually a 200amp meter main (combines both a meter socket and a 200 amp main breaker) Look closely and you…

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Rats chewing on the electrical wires in the attic!

We got a call from a homeowner that had just purchased a home and found a big rat infestation in the attic. Look closely……..the entire yellow jacket of the electrical wire has been chewed off, they even started chewing on the inner insulation exposing the copper wire inside. These rats must have been super hungry…

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