Generac standby Generator troubleshooting-cylinder compression check


There are so many possible reasons why a standby generator can have problems starting. We went through all of our standard troubleshooting and finally ended up doing a compression check (look closely and you can see the pressure guages in the techs hand).

When we ran the test it came up with 35 psi……not even close to the 60 psi needed for this model engine. What are the options at this point? Overhauling the engine costs as much as a brand new engine. In many cases it makes more sense to just replace the generator and use the old transfer switch and connect to gas in the exact same location. Although more expensive the new generator would have a 3 year warranty with the optional 5 year.

There was some question about the age of the standby generator, but it looked to be about 5 years old; and in all those years there was not even 1 maintenance sticker placed on the generator showing it have been serviced.  What this really demonstrates is the importance of good generator maintenance.  We have no way of knowing how this generator was cared for over the years but the final diagnosis makes you wonder.