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Are two prong outlets safe? Seattle, WA

WHAT IS A TWO PRONG OUTLET? These outlets are all over the Seattle area.   Older homes built before about 1960 had outlets with only two openings for a hot wire (black) and a neutral wire (white).  These type of outlets have no ground wire (bare copper or green).  Over time evidence showed that this exposed…

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Kitchen pendant light install Federal Way, WA

Great lighting really ads a “little extra” to a home and certainly a kitchen area.  Kitchens are a great place to invest in items that really can provide a good return when you sell.  In the Seattle area having a well-lit bright home is wonderful for those times of the year when the sunshine just…

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Melting breakers Federal Way, WA

My kids rented the movie “lemony snicket’s a series of unfortunate events”.  Although the movie was a little different my kids loved it and Jim Carrie was his usuall funny self in a sort of eerie way. Well this week, we found some breakers that nearly caused  a fire in an electrical panel that seemed…

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Receptacles that cause emergency outages Des moines, WA

Coming home after work to find that your power is out is absolutely no fun.  For a lot of the calls we get for outages in homes they are just for small parts of the home.  Our top 5 areas that loose power are: The bathroom The garage The bedrooms We can be left with…

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Overheating utility wires

The splice above is from the overhead service drop.  While we were doing other work we noticed the wires dangerously overheating and called PSE to make an emergency repair. This customer had a significant amount of work done. We upgraded his main electrical panel to 200 amps, and installed circuits for an electric furnace. It…

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How much does is cost for an electrician in Seattle?

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Electrician? Are you frustrated because you need an outlet where there is none or have an outlet where you don’t need it? Want to install a dimmer? With technology booming and becoming a more prominent fixture in our lives, adding or updating your electrical outlets and fixtures…

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Emergency 200 amp panel upgrade Tacoma

This Tacoma homeowner contacted us after having repeated breaker failures over the last three years. Sometimes lights would flicker and at one point the oven stopped working entirely. The electrical problems became very clear as soon as we opened the 200 amp Electrical panel. We found pooling water on the main breaker. As a matter…

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Fuses in main electrical panel Des Moines, WA

This panel in Des Moines still worked, but a panel upgrade would go a long ways and provide cleaner and safer Power. Now it is true that this electrical panel is “grandfathered in”.  Basically meaning that at the time is was installed it did in fact meet the electrical code requirement for a safe installation.…

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100 amp sub panel install in outbuilding

100 feet of trenching later we installed our wire in our fresh trench. We scheduled the city of Des Moines electrical inspector the same day and were given approval for cover. The required burial depth for this type of residential install is 24″. We also had to splice onto existing conductors to extend them to…

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Marijuana grow operation stealing power

The thieving marijuana growers decided that a good way to increase their profits was to get “free” power. They literally cut open the rigid metal conduit riser with the un-metered and un-fused conductors. Very gutsy, with no overcurrent protection device this could have been fatal. It was a very clean cut made by a dremel…

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