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Generac 14kw standby generator puyallup, wa

We were called in to finish another electrician’s installation.  The customer already had the generator and transfer switch partially installed.  When we arrived on site we found code violations that had to be corrected.  The transfer switch that had been recessed into the wall (which made for a nice installation) had not been connected with…

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Generac/Honeywell Seattle, WA

Pictured above is the actual transfer mechanism from inside the automatic transfer switch(this happens to be the one sold at Costco). Look at the connections on the bottom side and you can see the heat damage, and melting that occurred. An electrician that was not authorized dealer familiar with generators had a near fire after…

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Generac maintenance alerts

Generac has a great advanced wireless remote that is a super convenient way to monitor and control your generator from inside your house. Below are some pictures showing us installing a unit on a 20kw generator for a customer.

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EcoGen standby off-grid generator Lacey, WA

Generac “ECOGEN” First off-grid Generator! Generac made this generator specifically with the off-grid customer in mind.  Long run time, Lower RPM’s, lower fuel cost, Lower maintenance cost and longer time between services. This generator fully compatible and designed to charge your off-grid battery bank automatically only when needed Unprecedented 500hr oil change interval (this is super…

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Generac standby generator with remote Lynwood, WA

I remember growing up we had to decide between getting a BETA or a VCR.  Eventually we decided to get a VCR (not cheap in the early 80’s).  What made it even more cool is the remote control.  The remote wasn’t really a remote because it had a 15′ cord that ran to the VCR,…

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Generac Standby Generator Pad Shoreline, WA

One of my favorite things about living in the Seattle area is being close to the pacific ocean.  From time to time we will go to ocean shores and play on beach, go “razor clamming”.  My kids love to play in the sand and have built many sand castles on the beach.  On more than…

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Standby Generac generator power in North Bend, WA

A while back I was in the kitchen with a can a re-fried beans looking for the can opener.   I looked and looked but couldn’t find it anywhere.  One thing I realized very quickly was that there is no good way to get a can open unless you have an actual “can-opener”.  Sometimes you…

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Fast Generac generator installation sumner, wa

A while back we went to the SkyKart indoor race track for a little fun.  I had been a really long time since my last visit (about 8 years) and a forgot how much fun it could be.  You can really zip around the track fast! if you are  good driver.  Now, I didn’t set…

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Auto standby Generac generator Gig Harbor, WA

It’s Murphy’s law that anything that can go wrong will.  In this case of the installation of this 20kw Generac we had the fight the weather while doing the installation.  For this install we had to tench for the gas and electrical lines.  We also had to upside the gas line all the way to…

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