Receptacles that cause emergency outages Des moines, WA

Coming home after work to find that your power is out is absolutely no fun.  For a lot of the calls we get for outages in homes they are just for small parts of the home.  Our top 5 areas that loose power are:

  1. The bathroom
  2. The garage
  3. The bedrooms

We can be left with no power to charge cell phones, run a light at the bedroom nightstand, or even power for a hair dryer.

Of the three areas above our number one by far is the Bathroom GFCI.  These outlets are great at protecting people from electrical shock near a water source but it seems like they can accidentally trip or even fail entirely usually shutting off power in not only the main bathroom but in all the bathrooms in the home. (it may be possible to reset the GFCI if you can find it)


The picture above is a 30 year old bedroom receptacle.  Notice the old “stab-in” connections for the wires.  These “friction” style wiring connections are code approved but also can fail after 30 years causing very mysterious power outages in some cases.   This one took us and hour and a half to find, but you can imagine how happy the homeowner was when we found where the problem was. If power starts to flicker you can call us to locate the problem or some of our customers have us change out the older receptacles in favor of new ones…..not only are they more reliable but you can choose a new color!