Fast Generac generator installation sumner, wa

A while back we went to the SkyKart indoor race track for a little fun.  I had been a really long time since my last visit (about 8 years) and a forgot how much fun it could be.  You can really zip around the track fast! if you are  good driver.  Now, I didn’t set any records but I was pretty fast.

Speaking of fast I have seen some Generator installations lately where I think the contractors only goal was to be FAST, and forget about quality or even if the job is done correctly.


The picture down below clearly shows that speed and not quality was the contractors main concern.  We were called out after this contractor left because the owner was having problems with the installation.

As a authorized Generac dealer it was easy for me to see the problems with this installation.  It was really shocking to see the shipping pallet used to mount the generator to the deck.  At least they took some sheetrock screws and secured it to the deck.  The indoor rated flex gas line really didn’t make any sense from a safety standpoint either.  I could go on with others items that are just are not safe or correct.  But, if you are in the Sumner and you need a free safety inspection for an existing install we can provide you with a report and help you to have the installation corrected at no cost to you.  Or if you need help with a new auto standby install we can do that to.