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Portable Generator Kent

You would not want to be left sitting helpless or in the dark when defects in the power grid result in a power outage at your home or office. Get Washington Electric to supply a portable generator for your Kent, WA property so that your household or business activities can continue unhindered even during a power supply breakdown.

With power failures becoming more frequent than before, a back up generator has become a must-have for home and business owners in this area. People have the option of buying a portable or standby generator.

The more economical choice for average-sized properties is the portable generator for power outage. A manual transfer bracket or switch has to be installed for controlling it.
Installation of a manual transfer switch for your portable generator in Kent is essential to:

  • Hardwire to the generator
  • Prevent back-feeding
  • Connect the gen-set safely without extension cords
  • Monitor the circuits to be powered during a blackout

Generator For Power Outage Kent

For our customer-centric company, your comfort and convenience are the top priorities. We are committed to providing you with a manual portable generator for power outage that is easy and safe to use.

We achieve our objective by helping you pick a top-brand, high-performing product that is right-sized to meet your needs for an alternate power source and is also well within your budget.

To further ensure that you have hassle-free use of the back up generator for power outage on your Kent property for years to come, we provide the best possible manual transfer options for turning the generator on and off.

Our well-trained technicians install a manual transfer bracket/switch for changing between the portable generator for power outage and the power supply line using a product offered by one of the leading brands, including:

  • Bryant
  • Siemens ITE
  • General Electric
  • Murry

Back Up Generator Kent

Grid failure, storm damage, traffic accidents, raccoon activity – there are many reasons why your home or work place may be left without electricity.

Come to us and get a back up generator for your Kent property so that you get through such electric supply breakdowns without worrying about things like the food in the refrigerator going bad, phone not being charged, and non-working lights, computers, etc. holding up the business.

We assure you of a back up generator that:

  • You can rely on for lasting use
  • Comes with an excellent warranty
  • Is reasonably priced

To learn more about options for a back up generator for power outage, Kent residents should call Washington Electric at (425) 332-5855.