Five reasons to permit your electrical project

1. Required by washington state law

2. To ensure wiring meets local codes. Cutting corners on an installation can be easy when a contractor knows that no electrical inspector still be checking on the work.

3. To prevent problems with homeowners insurance claims relating to electrical fires.

4. Contractors that are willing to pull permits generally do quality work, and are more likely to have insurance covering their work and safeguarding the homeowner should something go wrong.

5. contractors who do not pull permits may not even be properly licensed. In some municipalities a permit will not be issued unless proof of a current business license is produced. If a contractor is unwilling or unable to pull a permit beware.

After electrical inspections L&I leaves a green sticker like the one above. These are only given if the installation passes final inspection and all corrections are completed. Can you find one on your system? Call us for a fee compliance inspection. We can pull a permit for you and make any needed corrections omitted by the previous contractor.

If there are serious installation issues they might be able to be fixed at no cost to you through the states bonding program.