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Jfc manual Generator connection

Outside location for manual gen connection Main jfc electrical service in the tenant space 600 amp 480v panel Panel schedule for 480v 600 amp main distribution panel 200amp 120/208v panel 120/208v panel schedule 75 KVA transformer 480v Sub panel 480v sub panel circuit directory Gear in main electrical room 600amp jfc main service disconnect Potential…

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Residential and commercial electricians are certified by the State of Washington. What does that mean for me?

Not all electricians are the same. As a matter of fact, there are various levels of certification available for electricians in the State of Washington. Only residential or commercial journeymen are allowed to perform electrical service work within the home. This means that there are certain things the journeyman must to do obtain certification. The…

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Five reasons to permit your electrical project

1. Required by washington state law 2. To ensure wiring meets local codes. Cutting corners on an installation can be easy when a contractor knows that no electrical inspector still be checking on the work. 3. To prevent problems with homeowners insurance claims relating to electrical fires. 4. Contractors that are willing to pull permits…

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