Auto standby Generac generator Gig Harbor, WA

It’s Murphy’s law that anything that can go wrong will.  In this case of the installation of this 20kw Generac we had the fight the weather while doing the installation.  For this install we had to tench for the gas and electrical lines.  We also had to upside the gas line all the way to the street.  As soon as we had the trenches done the rain started and would not stop.  Our trenches filled up with water!  One of the guys was pumping the water free of the trench just to make is possible install the gas line.

Despite the bad weather the installation turned out great.  Our gas line was sized at 1 inch to the generator. It is important to never undersize a gas line feeding a generator and generally sharing a gas line or “tapping” off of an existing line so it has to feed two appliances at once will cause issues.  I don’t think most people know this but an undersized gas line can shorten it’s life.


We came prepared with full rain gear for this install.  Generac generators is what we do best and we have to be able to adjust to the situation. We stock the 20kw model year round.  It is one of our most popular models.  If you are trying to figure out what size would be best for you feel free to contact us.