Generac Generator installation Tacoma, WA

“After five days with no power last winter, having to replace our refrigerator because of damage from repeated power surges, and the loss of hundreds of dollars of food in the freezer we decided to get a generator. Washington Electric was recommended by a friend, and they have been fantastic to work with. It took a while to get the generator from the manufacturer because of Super Storm Sandy draining the marketplace; but once it arrived it was installed quickly and expertly. Eric made an extra trip out to make sure I was comfortable with the very few things I had to know. Now I can’t wait for the power to go out – I’ll be the house having a party. Thanks guys for a great experience.”


Many of our customers finally decide to purchase an automatic standby generator after experiencing a long inconvenient outage.  Now we may not be able to stop a power outage but backup power can a solution that can supply the power your need “in a pinch” There many benefits to having backup power when the lights go out.  Below are just a few:

Maintain communications- Keep tabs on what is going on the TV and radio.  Stay updated on the weather forecast and conditions that will help keep you and your family safe

Utility grade power- A standby generator provides power that is excellent quality and it “makes your sensitive electronics happy”.  It isn’t “dirty power” light portable generators can sometimes provide when utility lines are down it is your instantaneous replacement right when you need it.

Cell Phone– Cell phones and now the new smart phones are so important for us to stay in touch with family, loved ones, and business…..but they drain batteries so fast and need to be recharged frequently. Backup power will keep your cell phone fully charged when you need it.

Efficient operating cost- Standby generators run on LP and Natural gas which is far more cost effective (about half) than using gasoline for backup power.  In addition to this it is also cleaner burning and better for the environment.

Home Office: Power for the computer, printer, fax and everything to keep you working and productive during any power outage.

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