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Archive for November 2012

17kw Generac propane fed in Olympia

This generator is running off propane. Did you know that a 17kw generator only supplies 16kw of power on natural gas? We work With local propane suppliers for our customers that don’t have natural gas service. We can even arrange for discounts and preferential pricing for propane. These 120 gallon tanks were very easy to…

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20kw Generac Maple Valley

Infra-Source installed a new gas line and upgraded the gas meter. The new 425 meter installed. Also notice the DLM modules by the meter. Close up of the new meter. This size meter is commonly needed when installing 14kw and larger generators. This generator is ready for the next outage! There is also a 15amp…

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Generac installation gone wrong

Can you pick out the problems with this installation? 1) the installing contractor never took the generator off the shipping pallet 2)There was no permit pulled 3)Believe it or not, this installation was performed by a local electrical contractor (that will remain unamed). Notice the gas line issue? 1) Gas line isn’t painted for corrossion…

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