Emergency electrical repair

This old Meter base, had an electrical short.....fortunately there was no electrical fire! if you look closely at the top center of the meter base you can see that the wires are discolored and blown completely through. the meter base also dark black and discolored because of the electrical short....

Electrical mast broken in half

During Seattle's terrible Jan 19th ice storm there was widespread damage to overhead electrical wires. This homeowner called after a tree branch smashed and destroyed the wires feeding power to their home. This old style 100 amp meter base doesnt meet current code and must be upgraded as part ofthe...

200 amp service upgrade

With no other options, we relocated the electrical panel from behind the fridge in the kitchen to the outside of the house. We are great at coming up with creative solutions. The home owner told us that we were 1000 dollars less than the competition.

Overhead Mast repair

Tree branches fell on the utility power lines at East Hill Optometry. It was hit so hard it bent the steel mast!  We performed the repairs that same day. We pulled the permit and passed with flying colors the next day.