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Archive for May 2011

FPE panels and circuit breakers, with problems

FPE aka Federal Pacific is also known to cause fires.  notice the severe melting on the bottom left breaker. it looks like the wires have melted and turned 45 degrees where they connect to the circuit breaker! One report showed that some Federal Pacific Breakers failed to operate properly nearly 60% of the time! More…

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Zinsco panels are known to cause fires

Zinsco panels are known to cause fires in homes and businesses every year. This panel is in an apartment building where there has been multiple issues with overheating electrical connections.click here for Zinsco panel info. I actually felt sorry for the apartment complex. This large complex had scores of thirty year old Zinsco panels causing…

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Big bad motor

This motor is definitely heavy at 150 pounds, and it turned out that it was also the reason the circuit breaker was tripping .  Blue Sky Cleaners in Seattle was happy that we were able to trace the electrical short back to its cause.

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Space heaters shoud be watched closely .

The outlet in the picture looks absolutely terrible! Its hard to even recognize what its was. The faceplate its melted. The plastic receptacle body looks like ice cream in July, and the insulation on the wires has liquified and burned. This was caused by using a portable space heater in a kent home. Worn outlets…

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What's 3-phase power ?

Many of our commercial clients use 3-phase power for their electrical needs.  Some motors and commercial electrical equipment will only run on this type of power . This brand new transformer we installed required a metal plate mounted on a wood deck for fire proofing. We installed this for a beer company In Kent Washington…

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Infrared camera scans

Look closely at this electrical panel we inspected in tukwila…. The insulation on the bottom 2 wires got so hot it started to bubble.  Infrared camera scans can prevent this before it even happens.  We recently performed a thermal scan on the Boylston mansion in seattle .

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Melted ballast on a commercial warehouse.

Zoka Coffee in Seattle had a circuit breaker that tripped. After an unsuccessful attempt by another contractor to fix the problem Washington Electric traced the problem back to a melted HPS ballast. The owner was very surprised to find out that a fixture on the outside of the building was causing problems with his interior…

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Call the fire department ! Faulty light fixture.

This Bellevue homeowner had no idea that this brand new fixture had a defective photocell until it almost lit the house on fire! She was lucky she was home and caught it before anything worse happened. Our residentail electricans recieve calls like this and in emergencies can come afterhours.

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