Standby Generator installation Renton, WA

My back almost starts to hurt when I think about just how heavy and hard to move around these standby generators.   After the first generator hoist was built into the frame of our vehicle one of our first installations was for a Boeing employee that lived in the Renton Area.  I remember how shocked he was when we drove up the day of the install…..Where was the generator?!  He was surprised when we opened up our Work Truck door and easily pulled out the generator on our 1000lb hoist and gently lowered it to the pavement. Wow, that was easy!

We installed the Generac Gen-ready panel that has both the transfer switch and main 200amp panel in one “box”.  It is a Great option that I don’t see other installers offering. There is some added cost for install due to code requirements for new panel installations, but if you have an old outdated panel or an unsafe FPE or Zinsco panel this could “kill two birds with one Stone.”

It really is a “Generator-Jungle” out there for most consumers.  Because of the various experience levels of Generator installers, the quality and ability of your particular contractor varies widely. Many contractors rarely install automatic standby power and lack the knowledge to give good advice, and in the process may also make recommendations that are not in your best interest. Many are looking for a quick sale with no long term commitment. This is definitely a case where you get what you pay for.

We have factory certified technicians that will deliver a quality installation and the peace of mind that your generator will start for you and your family when you really need it.