Generac Generator install Tukwila, WA

Every year the family goes on a fishing trip up past Astoria to fish for Salmon at the mouth of the Columbia River.   One of the secrets about the great Northwest is that we have one of only two last remaining “great” salmon runs (the Columbia and Alaska).

As you can see we have been doing this for a while and we use herring and only our best “secret” spinners, divers and flashers to catch the big Chinook.  Look at the one below!

And every year When we stay at the KOA in a little “Cozy Cabin” with my in-laws I am reminded just how AMAZINLY loud they can snore!  You had better pray that you get to sleep first!

Speaking of just how load that snoring is I usually get this question about the standby generators we install.  Just how loud are these things?   People want to know, and rightfully so, if they put the generator outside their bedroom window, “will it keep me awake”.  Now I may not have the answer to that question but I can give you some basic information that can help you to place the generator in a location that can minimize any irritating noise pollution.

Most of us are familiar with the noise from a portable generator. They do make significant noise and have no enclosure to block sound.  By design standby generators are much much quieter. They are fully enclosed with a sound attenuated enclosure to contain noise levels to 66 dbl at full load. We often tell people that these sound levels are louder than an AC unit, but quieter than a lawnmower.

Now, I cannot tell you that the modest noise from a standby generator will not be noticeable to you, or that it won’t bother you inside a bedroom or a particular area of the home, BUT I can tell you that the peace of mind from having back-up power during an outage and continuing life as normal is very satisfying.  In addition to this you neighbors really should be thanking you for getting rid of a comparably loud portable generator and installing much quieter standby model. Tukwila as well as other cities have restrictions on the installation of equipment that would create excessive noise and we have not had any issues with standby generator installations.