Generac standby generator with remote Lynwood, WA

I remember growing up we had to decide between getting a BETA or a VCR.  Eventually we decided to get a VCR (not cheap in the early 80’s).  What made it even more cool is the remote control.  The remote wasn’t really a remote because it had a 15′ cord that ran to the VCR, but regardless it was super convenient.  It just made using the VCR that much easier.

For our generator customers we have something that will make their standby generators a little more convenient….”The Advanced wireless remote”.


With the remote the generator can be started or stopped wirelessly from inside the house, exercise time can be changed, date and time can be changed, and You can also monitor the generator battery levels. It produces some cool graphs in real-time of the utility power levels, battery levels, and generator output levels and RPM’s.  While it is true that this is totally an optional item to purchase, it makes operating the generator and keeping track of it a little easier.

The black unit with circuit board easily connects to the standby generator visible from the outside and sends the signal to the receiving unit inside the house.


If you need help purchasing or installing a remote let us know and we can send over a technician.  Often we have these in stock along with our other standby generators stocked locally.