Fuses in main electrical panel Des Moines, WA

This panel in Des Moines still worked, but a panel upgrade would go a long ways and provide cleaner and safer Power.

Now it is true that this electrical panel is “grandfathered in”.  Basically meaning that at the time is was installed it did in fact meet the electrical code requirement for a safe installation.  Despite this there are many cases where fuse type panels are no longer safe.  How can you know?  Here are some things that you can look for:

  1. Oversized fuses have been installed on undersized wire
  2. Fuses “blow” from time to time
  3. A fuse has been bypassed
  4. There have been additions to the fuse box with no indication of an electrical inspection
  5. There are open penetrations into the fuse box
  6. Wires are doubled up on the connections

If some of the items above are noted it would be advisable to consider a replacement panel or upgrade.


How is an upgrade carried out?  Well, it is important to realized that there are several types of electrical panel upgrades.

  1. Fuse box panel “guts” replacement
  2. Fuse box removal and installation of a identically sized electrical panel
  3. Fuse box removal and installation of a larger amperage main panel
  4. Fuse box removal and relocation outside
  5. Fuse box removal and relocation to another location inside the home

There usually are a number of ways to perform the work, but only one or two of those ways will fit your needs or be the most cost effective.  Dealing with an electrician that has the experience to know what the best options are will provide the best finished product at the best value.

Permits are important.  Contractors that avoid or offer discounts often are looking to cut corners during the installation process.  An inspector can make sure that it is done right.