Simple fixes-How to reset my circuit breakers

This post is dedicated to helping our customers save time and money on simple electrical fixes when possible.  Frequently we receive call when the power goes out in a small part of the home (Bathroom, kitchen, garage etc…)

Don’t hesitate to call us but you might be able to fix the issue in a few minutes by yourself. Below is a simple step and some pointers that can get your power back on pronto!

Many times the power is off because of a tripped circuit breaker. Your main electrical panel contains many individual switches or circuit breakers.

If you notice your power is out go to the main electrical panel (usually located in the garage) and reset all the circuit breakers one by one.  It can be difficult to see which breaker is tripped sometimes, so we recommend turning everything off 100% and then back on.  This way you can be sure to find the problem if it is a tripped breaker. The picture below shows how to push the breaker fully into the OFF position.

Then be sure to push the breaker handle 100% the opposite direction into the “ON” position.

If you found the problem Congratulations!

If this doesn’t solve problem please see “simple fixes post” on how to reset your GFCI’s click here

Still now power? Many times there is a serious issue that needs to be fixed.

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