Make your own three-phase power!


This rotary phase converter was pick up at auction and since the customer didn’t have three phase power they will be used to power up compressors for an auto shop. Often the cost to install a three phase power system or the cost to pay the utility to bring in 3-phase power can be very expensive and justify the purchase and installation of rotary 3-phase converters. (Don’t forget to correct for poor power factor afterwards)

These rotary phase converters allow you to operate 3-phase machinery from a single-phase power source at 100% power and 95% efficiency. Phase converters usually operate up to twice its nameplate. In this case it takes a 10 Hp phase converter to run a 5 HP compressor. For heavily-loaded or hard-start machinery, such as gearhead lathes, compressors, or dust collectors, choose a nameplate rating 3 times the HP of the most heavily loaded motor. Caution needs to be taken to make connections correctly to prevent damage to equipment.