How much does is cost for an electrician in Seattle?

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Electrician?

Are you frustrated because you need an outlet where there is none or have an outlet where you don’t need it? Want to install a dimmer? With technology booming and becoming a more prominent fixture in our lives, adding or updating your electrical outlets and fixtures in your home is becoming more of a necessity.
What do you need done?
Often, an electrician will charge a minimum trip fee for a job, plus additional labor and parts. Since you may be paying a minimum fee just for the visit, it’s better to get a quote for everything you want at one time instead of piecemeal one-off bids. Do you want to install a ceiling fan? Add an outlet? Rewire a plug? Do you need dedicated circuits for your high-end electronics? The possibilities are endless and doing a quick walk-through of your home to see where you might need work might save you time and money in the end.

Average reported cost from Home Advisor.com:

  • $380
  • based on 901 cost profiles
  • Most homeowners
  • spent between:
  • $310 – $450
  • Minimum cost: $100
  • Maximum cost: $800

Cost data is based on actual project costs as reported by HomeAdvisor members.How do we get this data?
Pricing and Guarantees
Get detailed bids on the price of parts and labor for each project in your home. Additionally, make sure all expectations are in writing and that you completely understand the terms and conditions of the work to be done. Talk to your contractor about what happens if you aren’t satisfied with the work or if unforeseen circumstances cause changes in the bid. See what kinds of warranties are offered and make sure you understand what is included in the price of the estimate.
Want to save money?
Light dimmers provide control over your lighting design and may add some extra savings on your electric bill and allow you to adjust the light to meet your needs. Light timers and motion sensor light controllers are another great way to enhance your home’s lighting design and an easy way to reduce your energy spend. Have you thought about energy efficient ceiling fan installation? Ask your electrical professional about these and other great ways to reduce your energy consumption.
Urgent electrical outlet or fixture repairs
It’s very disconcerting to plug in an appliance and see a spark shoot out, or to flip the bathroom light switch and nothing happens. These are all potential fire hazards and need to be looked at by a qualified professional as soon as possible.
Choosing the right electrician
Choosing the right electrician doesn’t have to be scary and you shouldn’t live with dangerous problems for fear of choosing a bad contractor. Make sure the person you hire is licensed and ask for references to ensure their work and reliability. Meet the electrician and make sure that you feel comfortable with that person in your home or office. Trust is an important factor in your choice. Make sure that you see their insurance policy as well as any insurance policies they have for their employees and ask about their liability in the event of property damage.