How heavy is a standby Generator? This 20kw model 5875 in Dash Point, wa was easy to deliver.


We were able to easily deliver this 450lb 20kw Generator in Dash Point, WA with the hoist that is built into our vehicles. The Hoist rolls out the back of the vehicle on rails. The operator then uses a remote control to lower the generaor down to the ground. After the generator is at ground level the operator can take our generator lift-cart and with only one technition roll the generator into position. Sometimes one of the most difficult parts of a project is getting the generator delivered and in to position. Other contractors may make you wait for a 4 hour window to have the generator delivered and maybe take a day off work to do so, but not Washington Electric. We personally deliver the generator with our hoist when it is convenient for you. Why waste your vacation time waiting for a semi to show up (Online retailers charge extra for residential deliveries).