Generac/Honeywell Seattle, WA

image Pictured above is the actual transfer mechanism from inside the automatic transfer switch(this happens to be the one sold at Costco). Look at the connections on the bottom side and you can see the heat damage, and melting that occurred. An electrician that was not authorized dealer familiar with generators had a near fire after completing the install. While it its true that a careful electrician can do a fine job. It can really help if your contractor has been though “Generac technical training”, or has a high level of experience performing generator installs.


As a service to our customers we offer Free compliance inspections. On this visit we found the gas line feeding into the generator had been undersized. We used a a gas pressure guage and found that the gas was only 50% odd what is required to properly run. Long term this is harmful to the generator.


Reworked transfer switch location.