Generac maintenance Lake Tapps, wa


The above picture is from a call for maintenance and service for a Generac 7kw model 04309 automatic standby genetator. The original installation was performed by a different installer. We successfully serviced the generator, but we noticed several areas where corners had been “cut” by the original installer:

-indoor rated gas line used(these can be damaged easily and don’t handle oudoor weather)

-no condensation drip-stop used possibly allowing moisture into engine.  This is an example of the drip-stop on a generator we recently installed. Notice the short piece of pipe, next to the shut-off valve that is ready to catch any condesation before it can reach the generator. It is critical to catch this moisture before it gets into the generator.

-we found bare conductors in wall (fire hazard) The electrical code requires wires to be protected in conduit for safety. We found the wires had been pushed and hidden in the wall instead of being installed properly.

We were super nice and helped the customer work up a plan to correct the issues(it’s understandable that a customer would not catch many installation errors). Please watch for sneaky installers (or maybe inexperienced) that poorly install Generators at the owners expense. Call us for a free generator compliance inspection.