Costco 12kw Honeywell generator review with 100 amp se rated transfer switch


First off I want to say that YES this generator is a “good deal” (but not for everybody).   Why you ask?  Read on and I will demystify and help you as you work through the process of making your decision.


First, please see the above picture to understand what comes in the box.

  • 12kw Honeywell generator (re-branded Generac made specifically in this size just for Costco)
  • 100 amp SE rated transfer switch
  • Battery not included

To begin with I want to say that I LOVE Costco.  Great prices and great value for the most part.   You really can’t go wrong on most items there.  I also can’t say how many $1.50 hot dogs I have eaten over the years at the food court.  $1.50 is such a ridiculously low price.  Recently we have had several customers that have needed this generator installed.  In one case despite the great price offered by Costco the generator just wasn’t the right “fit” based on the customers existing electrical system.  In another case it would work well. It’s important to figure this out before you take the plunge.

Let’s first start out with the Pros and Cons:


  • Great price $12kw at $2,595 (closest I could find is the 10kw Generac Guardian with prepackaged 12 circuit ATS for $2,792
  • Great Brand Honeywell (Generac has 70% of the home standby market because of great overall value and quality)
  • Great return policy, you can take it back no questions asked if you haven’t installed it yet.


  • You may not need 12kw of power.  I was at a customers house today and recommended the 7kw core power generator for a much lower cost that got the job done with less ongoing fuel costs
  • You may not need the 100 amp SE rated transfer switch (a prepackaged transfer switch is almost always much less expensive to install)
  • You’ll have to arrange for your own delivery (we will deliver straight from Costco to you at no charge with installation)
  • There is nobody at Costco that can give you advice for installation that fits your circumstances

In most cases what people need is a prepackaged transfer switch not the 100 amp SE rated switch.  This is something to consider.  Due to current electrical codes a 100 amp SE rated switch will required an additional electrical panel to be installed that can easily add up to an additional $600 of expense during installation and require the extra space to install a third box in the garage.

For many of our customers adding extra electrical panels in the garage just isn’t a good option. The first picture on is of a standard 12 circuit ATS install.  The second picture is with the extra transfer switch. (not the same one as Costco but the mechanics of the installation would be the same)


Transfer Switch & Panels

For help with your installation, or to have us deliver your Costco generator at no charge (with install). Or for 10 more tips on purchasing your generator click here