Powerful savings with Generac!

By blogwashelec / August 3, 2018

Check out our website to see how a FREE warranty can give you peace of mind for TEN YEARS! https://washingtongenerators.com/

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Don't forget – the 2018 Hurricane and Storm Season is here!

By blogwashelec / July 26, 2018

Don’t forget – the 2018 Hurricane and Storm Season is here! Take a look at NOAA’s most recent prediction and prepare to be comfortable during the worst weather this year. Schedule your free in-home assessment for an automatic standby generator today and take control of your needs. (253) 777-1749   http://www.noaa.gov/media-release/forecasters-predict-near-or-above-normal-2018-atlantic-hurricane-season

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Summer is the perfect time to purchase a generator!

By blogwashelec / July 20, 2018

Summer is the BEST time to purchase a standby generator! Keep your appliances running, prevent basement flooding, and provide peace of mind, whether you are on vacation or relaxing in your home. A generator serves as your home’s first line of defense against unexpected power outages this Summer – don’t be left in the dark!…

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Should You Buy a Standby Generator?

By blogwashelec / July 13, 2018

Standby generators are a dependable solution to extended power outages. Unlike portable generators, they’re installed outside on a concrete pad and offer uninterrupted backup power for days. Standby generators are connected to natural gas, propane, or diesel fuel. They are also quieter than some portable generators, which means no disturbed neighbors or sleeping family members.…

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Generac and Washington Generators | Washington Electric LLC are teaming up!

By blogwashelec / July 2, 2018

Generac and Washington Generators | Washington Electric LLC are teaming up for the BEST DEAL EVER! Give us a call today for your free estimate! (253) 777-1749

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Winter is not the only season that knocks power out!

By blogwashelec / June 22, 2018

Standby generators are often thought of as something needed in the winter. Winter brings storms and downed power lines, but so does summer. Summer storms bring high winds, heavy rains, and lightning, resulting in trees knocking down power lines. Summer also brings high heat waves, especially in Washington state. Overloaded electrical grids can succumb to…

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Affording a Generator Has Never Been Easier! Buy Now, Pay Later!

By blogwashelec / June 15, 2018

With flexible financing, your automatic standby generator is more affordable than ever. Generators not only offer comfort during power outages, but financial security as well. By choosing from several exclusive financing options, you can prepare now for the next power outage. Keep your lines of credit free for other needs! No money down, and both…

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Going On Vacation? Prevent Disaster!

By blogwashelec / June 8, 2018

Click here to see how PSE restores power after an outage! Imagine coming home from a summer vacation, only to discover your power was out while you were gone. Installing a standby generator can prevent sump pump damages and spoiled groceries, saving you thousands of dollars- all while you relax on a warm beach! Call…

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TWO Commercial Installs in One Week! Whoa!

By blogwashelec / June 1, 2018

Yes, you read that correctly! Washington Electric LLC | Washington Generators does commercial installs as well as residential! Browse through the photos and look at how neat and tidy these two are! And look at those gas and electrical lines – spot on. What a beautiful set of installations. Now these businesses have no worries…

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Memorial Day Weekend Is Here!

By blogwashelec / May 25, 2018

Wow! Take a look at this generator installation Washington Generators did at Alki Beach! Alki Beach Install This customer’s largest concerns were his barbecue, kitchen necessities, and lights throughout the home- all necessary for a big Memorial Day weekend gathering!  It’s hard to tell exactly when an outage may occur, but it’s a weight off the…

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