The only thing worse than being quarantined in your home is being quarantined in your home with NO POWER!

On May 1st, President Trump signed Executive Order #13920 regarding our bulk-power systems which provides the electricity that supports our national defense, vital emergency services, and critical infrastructure.
Every modern home is wired and connected to the grid. If the grid is disrupted or attacked, we go dark – no lights, no refrigerators, no internet, and no air conditioning! Summer is almost here, and temperatures have started to rise. Nearly everyone is stuck in their homes which means they are not in their offices, places of business, schools, etc. This translates to more power consumption because there is more electricity demand especially at peak hours and more individual air conditioners running. As temperatures rise, this extra demand for electricity will push our grid to the limit.
If a Back-up Emergency Power Plan with an Emergency Standby Generator has not crossed your mind, this is your wake-up call.
For most of our installations, we are in and out of your location in one day. Installations are completed on the exterior of homes and businesses and we have virtually no contact with clients. All of our crews abide by the Washington state mandated health protocols established for essential businesses including wearing masks and gloves while on your property.
During this time of uncertainty, we want to do our part by helping our customers, family, and friends make an informed decision for back-up power and make it more palpable. We are offering incredible discounts, ZERO (0%) percent financing, no credit card fees for complete purchases and free added services to make your decision going forward impossible to ignore. However, this offer is only good for installations booked in the next three weeks. Don’t put your Emergency Power Plans off any longer and take advantage of our Summer Sale!
Thank you and with great health,
Washington Electric LLC | Washington Generators