Winter is not the only season that knocks power out!

Standby generators are often thought of as something needed in the winter. Winter brings storms and downed power lines, but so does summer. Summer storms bring high winds, heavy rains, and lightning, resulting in trees knocking down power lines. Summer also brings high heat waves, especially in Washington state. Overloaded electrical grids can succumb to heat waves and fail. Who knows how many grids are down, or how long it will take for your city to make repairs? Once your power goes out, there are several costs that go up right away. If you are unable to cook, you will have to pay for meals and replace spoiled groceries. If you depend on medical equipment or have young children, you may need an extended stay in a costly hotel for necessities like air conditioning and power. A home generator is valuable. Your essentials will run, and your house will stay cool while you stay comfortable during the worst summer weather. You can easily prevent thousands of dollars of damage from basement flooding by keeping your sump pump running. A standby generator will also protect your pets and save any valuable data in electronics. Call us for a free estimate. See how a home generator investment can save you from financial strain. (253) 777-1749