Top 5 ways to prevent receptacle fires Renton, wa


The homeowner never saw this coming. It all started when the carpet cleaning company showed up and plugged in what looked like a nice quality extension cord. The customer was horrified when a short time later she noticed a small visible flame at the plug on the wall! The good news is that they unplugged the cord immediately preventing what could have been a serious fire.

The good news is that situations like these can be limited and prevented. Below are 5 ways to keep your plugs from melting down on you.

1.) Proper use of extension cords. Although it may be tempting to use a damaged cord, these can cause electrical arcing that leads to fires

2.) Replace old receptacles. Are the plugs in your home 25 + years old. Consider replacing them to prevent problems.

3.) Consider installing arc fault circuit breakers. These are now Code required for new homes, and they are much safer than normal circuit breakers.

4.) Limit the use of portable heaters. Long term use can cause damage to receptacles because they are a high amperage electrical load. Never unplug the heater when in use. Turn of the device first to prevent arcing inside the plug that can cause damage over time.

5.) Remove extension cords. Are you using extension cords in place of a permanent plugs. Get a plug installed where you need it to eliminate the use of unecessary cords.