Surge Protectors

Surge Protectors for Home

Large power surges caused by grid disruptions are most common during severe weather, but surges can happen anytime. When they do, your electronics and appliances can be destroyed and your outlets damaged, but a home surge protector prevents such issues.

Most homes experience several power surges a day. While most are not strong enough to do immediately noticeable damage, they can still be causing damage that will cause your TV, phone, or other items to stop working over time.

Washington Electric’s electricians expertly install surge protectors for homes that are designed to meet your needs and guard against damage.

You might be wondering about the cost.

We do what we can to keep our prices competitive and offer simple financing with attractive terms, making it easier for Washington homeowners to get the protection they need.

Benefits of Home Surge Protector

Many situations cause power surges, and no home is immune. As mentioned above, power surges do not only occur during bad weather. Other potential causes include:

  • Appliances Cycling On and Off
  • Faulty Wiring
  • Downed Lines
  • Problems with Electrical Equipment
  • High Demand for Electricity
  • Lightning

Some homeowners wonder if they really need a home surge protector for their Washington home, and when you consider the benefits, it’s easy to see why it’s a smart investment.

Here are some answers to the question why buy a home surge protector?

  • Possible Discounts on Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Protects Appliances and Electronics
  • Blocks Excess Current Before it Enters Your Home’s Circuitry
  • Don’t take chances with your electronics and appliances. A whole-house surge protector gives you peace of mind that your expensive items won’t be damaged due to a power surge.

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