Kent Surge Protector

Quality Kent surge protector in WA near 98032

With the increased dependency on electricity, investing in a home surge protector has become imminent. There are several cases of increased power surges that cause shocks and fires. Protect your home and your family from the electrical spikes by choosing a whole house surge protector.

Give a call to Washington Electric to schedule services related to a home surge protector in Kent, WA. We are an established company offering whole house surge protector services in the area. Our services will protect your home from the following:

  • Potential fire
  • Electrical shocks
  • Static and other interference

Rely on our skilled and trained electricians to carry out the required wiring and electrical system upgrades as required to ensure that power surges do not affect your appliances and systems.

Even WA State Ferries can be hit by lightning


October 11, 2020 – A passenger ferry in Washington State was struck by lightning that impacted its navigation system and temporarily knocked the ferry out of service.

The M/V Puyallup was near the dock in Edmonds during a run between Edmonds and Kingston when it was hit by lightning Saturday evening.

Kent Whole House Surge Protector

Premium Kent whole house surge protector in WA near 98032

Increased demand and dependency on electricity has resulted in power spikes. Often homes have old wiring and the added pressure of new appliances on these old wires takes its toll and you experience a power surge.

Get in touch with us for services related to establishing a whole house surge protector in Kent. We are established and experienced electricians and have offered similar services for several other clients.

Our whole house surge protector services in Kent will provide you protection against power surges due to:

  • Lightning
  • Faulty wiring
  • Downed lines
  • Major appliances

We will inspect the already installed home surge protector outlet, if any, and upgrade it as required. In case it is not installed, you can trust us to install it efficiently.

Kent Home Surge Protector

Economical Kent home surge protector in WA near 98032

There is no denying the fact that with the added dependency on electricity and more appliances having electrical circuits for their operation, the chances of them getting damaged when lightning strikes has increased. However, this risk can be reduced by opting for adequate home surge protection.

Installing lightning rods is one way of safeguarding your home while the other is installing the home surge protector. Count on us for the installation of the home surge protector in Kent as we are highly experienced in this regard.

You can be assured of the following benefits if you choose the whole house surge protector:

  • Protection of expensive equipment
  • Reduced electrical repair expenses
  • Have the lights on always

Get in touch with us to learn more about our services and our pricing. Call Washington Electric at (425) 341-4211 for any surge protector services in Kent.