Should You Buy a Standby Generator?

Standby generators are a dependable solution to extended power outages. Unlike portable generators, they’re installed outside on a concrete pad and offer uninterrupted backup power for days. Standby generators are connected to natural gas, propane, or diesel fuel. They are also quieter than some portable generators, which means no disturbed neighbors or sleeping family members.

Once the power goes out in your area due to heat waves, storms, or damaged utility poles, the automatic transfer switch detects the outage and your whole house is reconnected to electricity in just a few seconds. As the power returns to your area, the transfer switch shuts down the generator to reconnect your home to the grid. This operation requires no effort by you. The transfer switch also prevents back-feeding electricity to the grid; back-feeding can start fires and harm utility workers while they are restoring power.

That’s it. The power goes out, the generator kicks on, and the power returns until electricity is restored. No more pulling a portable generator out of a shed, filling it with gasoline in the pouring rain, and trying to start it by hand. And, for a limited time, Washington Generators is teaming up with Generac to offer you a free 10 year extended warranty with the purchase and installation of any qualified generator. Call us today and see how you can remain cool and comfortable this summer. (253) 777-1749