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Reliable Kent battery backup in WA near 98032

Tesla has competition! Sometimes it is great to be first, but sometimes it’s best to have the most inovative, flexible and cost effective product that is readily available for installation.

Meet the new Generac PWRcell. Generac has been around over 60 years providing whole home backup power in the United States and abroad. Generac is one of the largest generator manufacturers.

Generac acquired Pika Energy Systems and Neurio making them one of the largest Home battery manufacturers.

Washington Electric is one of only three Generac Powercell Certified installers in Washington State.

This new product lineup is coming from Generac, which means ready supply, and Cost effective pricing, from a company specializes in providing alternative home energy solutions.

Interestingly enough, Neurio which comes free with every Generac PWRcell system, is the same company that provided monitoring to over 100,000 Tesla Powerwall users. Now that Generac owns Neurio it is clear that they have no intention on renewing that contract as they are now selling a competing home battery solution. It’s interesting that a company as large a Tesla was using a 3rd party company to monitor their home battery solution. It’s not clear what Tesla’s future plans might be to bridge this gap.

The Generac PWRcell battery cabinet system allows owners the flexibility to scale from the economical 8.6kw size to the massive 17.1kw by installing additional battery modules. If two battery cabinets are used this would be 34.2kWh of storage that is equivalent to roughly 3 Tesla Powerwalls which should be more than enough to power you through and extended outage or peak time of use.

Harness the free, abundant solar power with Generac PWRcell to light up your home. Call us at (253) 220-4555 to learn about our battery backup system in Kent.

Solar Battery Kent

Reliable Kent solar battery in WA near 98032

As a bonus the system is modular unlike Tesla. If a component fails a certified Generac installer can replace the part inside the inverter instead of replacing the whole unit. This keeps costs down for everyone, the manufacturer and the owner. This also in the same for the (up to 6) battery modules inside the battery battery cabinet. This is a huge advantage for consumers because you can scale your storage just like your solar. Maybe you don’t want or need 34kWh of storage? The good news is that you can opt for an entry level system at a much lower cost. For instance, you can instead install 3 battery packs for just under 10kWh of storage. Not even forced to buy more or less than what you need or want. The system is set with a critical loads panel rated at 50 amps. This is much more cost effective than other systems like Tesla or Solar Edge, or LG Chem which only allow you to increase your storage capacity by adding and entire battery bank. It may seem that Tesla with 13.5kwh with each battery is a great size, but this misses the mark for anyone that needs less that 13kWH or wants just a little more that 13kWH. A flexible and scalable solution is the way to go. For example a Tesla Powerwall owner who wants to add an additional 3kWh to the system cannot do it, their only option is the full 13kWH battery cabinet. This just isn’t very flexible.

On top of this if there iis a failure of the battery the entire unit has to be replaced instead of just a single battery pack. The PWRcell doesn’t fall into this trap.

In addition to this if new longer lasting battery technology becomes available you can always upgrade. Generac can design the new technology to fit inside the same battery cabinet. So thinking long term this is a way to allow for future upgrades to the system without having to replace a bunch of unnecessary components.

This system can also be integrated with their home standby generators! Just ask us how? This can allow the batteries to be connected to both solar and a battery for complete energy independence.

Optimize your use of renewable energy sources, ensure uninterrupted power supply in your home, and enjoy substantial energy savings by purchasing Generac PWRcell solar battery in Kent from Washington Electric. Call (253) 220-4555.

Power Pack Kent

Reliable Kent power pack in WA near 98032

WA Electric is already certified for installation, and later this month will be installing our very own PWRcell at our Kent office. Keep an eye out, as we will be posting both photos and video of this new installation.

Are you interested in getting an estimate for your PWRcell?

The best place to start is by filling out your information for your home and send this to us. Incentives cover part of the cost of this system Federal rebate is 26%. While other contractors are waiting for unknown product delivery dates we can get this installed for you now while the incentive are here. WA Electric can also provide you with a quote for solar that integrates nicely with the PWRcell.

Sometimes we are asked if solar is a requirement?

While it can be a great compliment to a PWRcell, this is not required. You can install your home battery system and connect this directly to your homes utility power, connect and essential loads panel and have reliable backup power during the next power outage. If a backup generator is also a consideration let us know and we can install this at the same time.

How much does this system Cost to installed?

Four components make us the system cost. (1) The PWRcell cabinet,(1) The battery packs (3) the PWRcell inverter (4) Essential loads panel wiring. For a 10kw system your installed cost range from $11 – $15k depending on system size.

What is getting quote like?

During our site visit the estimator will look at the existing electrical and discuss what is needed to prepare the quote. We will provide a written quote so you will know final pricing before we even begin.

What kind of warranties is Generac offering? 10 year warranty.

For 60 years Generac has established a track record of providing great warranty service with a well established dealer network. WA Electric is a Premier Dealer for Generac, a level only achieved by 2% of all dealers and the only Premier WA, OR, ID. This means you will receive best in class service.

Let Washington Electric fortify your home with power pack energy in the Kent area. Call us at (253) 220-4555 for detailed information about Generac PWRcell.