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Washington Electric LLC was established by Eric Johnson.
Washington Electric LLC was established by Eric Johnson.

Eric Johnson

Eric started in the electrical industry in 1999 after an uncle encouraged him. With a natural knack for working with his hands, there has always been satisfaction in planning and creating a project and then seeing it become a reality.

Coming up with creative solutions that not only work well, but also look as aesthetically appealing and add value to a customer’s home has always mattered.

About Washington Electric

After years of working for company owners who seemed more focused on the financial goals and not the customer, Eric decided it was time to open his own shop. He wanted to make sure that his customers did, indeed, come first.

With a humble start with just himself and a few basic tools Eric opened the business. Focusing on the fundamentals led to consistent yearly growth surprising everyone. Expanding to offer turnkey generator sales and service proved to be a strategic move. Succeeding where others failed through hard work and integrity. Over time, consistently creating satisfied customers not only led to better quality installations/service/repair but created a great opportunity for Washington Electric employees to grow personally through state certifications, generator training, and fair compensation.

Highlights along the way have been achieving a Elite Power Pro ranking that few generator dealers achieve; and becoming a member of the Master Builders Association, fostering better business practices often ignored by other companies. The company was awarded “Emerging Generator Dealer” of the northwest territory for Generac in 2016 demonstrating our commitment to positively impacting the generator industry.

To all those that have played a roll, and continue to play a role in the continued success of Washington Electric we say thank you. There are those that have helped at critical points over the years and to those individuals, customers, or companies we have gratitude for your contribution to the work we perform and how that has enabled us to better serve our customers..

Washington Electric business philosophy H.E.A.R.T.

  • HONESTY: Is being willing to make the right choice even when no one is looking. We do this when we are giving advice at estimates, when we are making decisions during installation, and when we interact with customers afterwards.
  • EXCELLENCE: We represent the company each day and strive to offer our best.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: We can’t always control if things go perfectly but we can take responsibility for the role we played in each circumstance and look for solutions and take steps to improve.
  • RESPECT: Treating others as we would want to be treated matters, and we strive to do so even in difficult situations.
  • TEAMWORK: Our main purpose is to work together to meet our customers needs. Together we help provide peace of mind with backup power and all our other services. Also, as a company we use teamwork to help each other succeed.

Eric’s personal philosophy

The Business philosophy is really an extension of Eric’s personal philosophy. Faith and family are core motivators in what Eric as the owner hopes everyone in the company can accomplish.

Finding a sense of purpose is something that brings meaning and focus into our lives. Over the years there have been times that I have found great focus by challenging myself to take part in something new or particularly difficult. As a competitive high school Cross Country runner I had always wanted to compete as a triathlete. Years ago, in my mid 30’s I embarked on a significant training program to allow me to compete in these races. Coming from a running background this was a challenge for me. I had never ridden a road bike, I had never used clipless pedals and never worn bike shorts. It seemed like overnight I was adjusting to all these things. I gained new respect for what it meant to be a “cyclist”, and a swimmer. And I was committed to following a precise training regimen, and race schedule. I knew that if I wanted to perform well I could not skip the required hours of needed training. My planned race schedule included 3 sprint distance triathlons and culminated in my participation in the much longer and difficult Olympic Distance triathlon with a 1 mile swim, 22mile bike, and 10k run. During my final most challenging race that season, I pushed as hard as I could and was able to stay close to the race leaders and eventually finish 4th in my age category. It was very gratifying to not only have competed but to have performed so well. While I am grateful for the sense of purpose and great physical conditioning this provided, it is interesting to note that while I have fond memories of this and other challenging competitions, the things that bring me to most lasting satisfaction are not these types of achievements. Instead the achievements that matter the most to me, and provide the most satisfaction and purpose for me is my faith and family. For those that know me well, they know that I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This has been, and continues be what provides the greatest sense of purpose, peace and closeness to God in my life.

A while back I began driving a new work Truck. It was actually one of the sprinter vans that you see the crews driving around Seattle. What was great about the new vehicles was the built in GPS. There was a large display built right into the dash. It used voice commands to input addresses and was easy to use. It was also simpler and safer to use that my previous navigation. I got really comfortable using this new GPS. After a while it was hard to imagine not having it. A few months later I noticed MY GPS would sometimes display the message “GPS signal lost”. I thought that was strange because it had worked so well for so long. It didn’t happen all the time so I assumed it truly was a random GPS satellite signal issue. But the problem persisted over the next few days, and the GPS worked only half the time. With my busy schedule it was frustrating to take extra time figuring out where I was going. Sure, I had other ways to figure out where to go, but I missed the clear direction my GPS provided. By chance, I found the problem. I happened to look up and noticed that my small 12” antenna centered on the front of the van was broken off at the base. I immediately knew it had likely been damaged by an overhanging tree branch . A quick trip to the repair shop replace the broken antenna and I was up and running again.

I share this story because It seems like often we are navigating life but sometimes the signal is lost and the directions are not clear. Just like in my experience, it may be that circumstances beyond our control are limiting our ability to know what to do and where to turn. I have found that My membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has provided a clear set of directions for my life. I have felt the direction of the Lord in my life in some cases as if I was being given “turn by turn” directions. As I have received this direction and help at important times in my life, I have come to understand that we are cared for by a God that knows us and desires for us to receive help when we need it.

One of the most significant ways that the Mormon Faith has impacted my life is by providing meaningful opportunities for service. In the church there is no professional paid clergy. Because of this, all positions are staffed by “lay” members. This means members have a normal weekday job, but also voluntarily serve in a church position. Some of the most common church positions for service are, teaching children or adult membership, music, leaders of various men’s or women’s groups, or leaders of congregations called Bishops and Stake Presidents. There are also many other traditional service opportunities. As I have served, I have come to better understand the meaning behind the scripture “…inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these my Brethren, ye have done it unto me” (Matt 25:40). Although service can sometimes be a challenge or perhaps inconvenient, it has been my experience that when done in the right spirit, all involved benefit. It feels to me that I receive an important missing element from my normal everyday work routine. These are experiences that I hope to be able to share with my family and others. Additionally, there will always be an effort to encourage positive service through Washington Electric as circumstances and opportunities permit.