20kw Generac generator installation Edgewood, WA

This generator provides critical backup power for the entire extended family. Fed from natural gas this has a nearly unlimited run time. We also relocated the main service and installed a new  200 amp panel. A flush mount installation looks very neat and clean.

Sammamish, WA Generac standby generator install

What I am hearing from the Sammamish area  is that the are many parts of the city that have frequent and sustained outages.   This waterfront house had a 11kw installed (10kw on natural gas). After our pressure test passed with Sammamish inspectors we connected the gas line.   These types of...

20kw Generac generator installation Enumclaw, WA

We carefully calculated the electrical load and it showed if we used the three PMM's (power management modules) a 20kw generator would provide adequate power.  What is the danger of undersizing the generator? Probably the worst issue would be if the generator became overloaded and shut down. The next issue...

17kw Generac power generator Auburn, WA

This generator is mounted on the top of a rock and earth wall to meet needed clearances from the house. We connected a 200 amp SE rated transfer switch to the electrical system. The system is fed by LP gas tanks.

20kw Generac generator Cougar Mountain Bellevue, WA

Careful generator placement minimized the impact on landscaping. Planning ahead helped with the placement of the automatic transfer switch adjacent the two electrical panels.  There are also two whole-panel surge arrestors we installed to provide protection to the electrical system.