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Archive for July 2013

14kw Generac 5 year ext warranty plus mobile link

This 14kw unit was the maximum size generator that the existing gas line would support.   We wanted to do 20kw but the extra demand on the gas line was just too much when we added up all the BTUs for each item in the generator Mobile Link is going to be great to be sure…

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25kw Generac QT series Mobile Link

This QT02515ANSX Generac generator provides power for the residents at the brain and trauma center in Auburn.  We are able to provide monitoring to automatically be notified by text message or email if there is ever a problem. The single most important way to ensure long reliable generator life is to preform annual maintenance.  Each…

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20kw Generac standby generator Redmond, wa

The before picture. We removed the existing 7kw Winco generator and 100amp Eaton transfer switch.  The installation area was very cluttered. We installed a RTSY200A3 200 amp service entrance rated Automatic transfer switch. We connected the generator to a 1000 gallon propane tank.  The generator consumes 2.89 gallons an hour at full load but generally…

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